Add some sparkle

Day in day, day out, creative companies devote the bulk of their energy and resources to producing carefully considered and often innovative creative responses to client briefs. (Feel free to let me know if that statement is controversial in any way!).

When it comes to promoting themselves though, creative companies often resort to the mediocre. In my experience this is normally down to the fact that they are doing all of the things mentioned above, that’s what pays the bills after all.

When something does get produced to promote the agency, it’s often just a pdf to be emailed, a booklet to be posted or simply a collection of new work to put on the website.

There is of course nothing wrong with doing any of this but if you want to show the world that you are a creative company fizzing with ideas and creative vision then in my opinion, it is not good to become too reliant on this approach.

One way to see it is to pity the poor design buyer who will receive perhaps three or four approaches from agencies a day.

Just think of the joy that you could bring to their lives with a well thought through and challenging piece that doesn’t just rely on showing what you’ve done for other people but is a piece of creative that can be memorable and effective in its own right, to stand alone as a real a showcase of your skills.